My absolute favorite part of running The Tree Kisser shop is sending donations to our carefully selected animal welfare and rescue organizations. I imagine that's a big part of why my customers place orders as well. We typically choose a different organization to contribute to each month, but some fundraisers are slightly longer or shorter, depending on the non-profit's needs as well as our sales numbers. From the start, I wanted to be as transparent as possible about this process to ensure that customers trust where their money is going!

10% of all revenue is donated to non-profits. Below is an accounting of every donation we've made since The Tree Kisser was launched in 2013:

February 2017: $1111.41 to Northwest Dog Project

January 2017: $2028.70 to St. Martin's Animal Rescue

December 2016: $3261.41 to Frosted Faces Foundation

November 2016: $3635.37 to Rancho Relaxo

October 2016: $1570.53 to Hand In Paw

September 2016: $1091.09 to Luxe Paws

August 2016: $1645.82 to Rescue Gang

July 2016: $1599.00 to Rancho Relaxo

June 2016: $819.55 to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

May 2016: $1210.20 to Hand In Paw

April 2016: $773.30 to Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

March 2016: $272.94 to Rancho Relaxo

February 2016: $567.76 to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

January 2016: $1448.84 to Animal Rescue Corps

December 2015: $3794.98 to Vafa Animal Sanctuary

November 2015: $2977.35 to Frosted Faces Foundation

October 2015: $1267.40 to Hand In Paw

September 2015: $398.10 to Villalobos Rescue Center

August 2015: $2554.40 to Pet Adoption Center of Orange County

July 2015: $1012.00 to Stray Cat Alliance

May 2015: $389.00 to St. Martin's Animal Rescue

April 2015: $925.00 to Fix Long Beach

March 2015: $987.30 to Rancho Relaxo

February 2015: $863.00 to Animal Rescue Corps

January 2015: $729.35 to PreetiRang Sanctuary

December 2014: $1925.28 to The Association for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals

October 2014: $952.22 to Craig Street Cats

September 2014: $825.23 to Mercy For Animals

August 2014: $1061.80 to ColoRADogs

July 2014: $555.69 to Last Chance For Animals

July 2014: $1060.54 to Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

June 2014: $1143.23 to Animal Rescue Corps

April 2014: $1180.53 to Animal Aid Unlimited 

March 2014: $300 plus 510 lbs of V-Dog Food to Pets Of The Homeless

February 2014: $337.19 to Hand In Paw

February 2014: $328.65 to Toronto Pig Save

January 2014: $376.40 to Animal Rescue Corps 

December 2013: $180 to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary


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